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Center for Citizen Dialogue

Citizen engagement and co-production is our main focus. Drawing on knowledge from research we advice Danish and Scandinavian public organisations to rethink their dialogue and collaboration with citizens and stakeholders. We help our customers develop their organization, leaders and employees so that they are ready for citizen dialogue and co-production.

Center for Citizen Dialogue is founded and directed by Anne Tortzen, political scientist and process- and communication consultant. Anne also recently defended her PhD on ’Leading co-production’ at the University of Roskilde.

CfCD aims at strengthening the ’collaboration’ awareness and skills of public organizations, leaders and employees as well as organizational learning through courses and networks. We also train professionals in analysing the stakeholders and interests and designing clever processes for involvement and co-production.

We offer workshops and lectures, strategic counselling and analyses as well as research and interactive learning within the field of co-production and citizen dialogue.

CfCD is a network based company cooperating with a range of experienced consultants and researchers in the field of democratic dialogue, citizen involvement and co-production.

The aim of Center for Citizen Dialogue is to function both as a consultancy company and a research and knowledge center on citizen involvement and co-production. We therefore conduct research as well as well collecting and communicating research, methods and cases on citizen dialogue and co-production to Danish and Scandinavian customers through this website and our electronic newsletter.



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